ANC NW conference adjourned until late Sunday morning

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The African National Congress (ANC) provincial conference has adjourned until later Sunday morning to allow the elections agency to prepare ballot papers to be used for the elections of the top five positions.

The adjournment was after the nomination process were conducted. During nominations, former ANC MP Nono Maloi, and current premier, Bushy Maape were nominated for the position of the provincial chairperson.

During the nomination process, Lazzy Mokgosi and Paul Sebegoe were nominated for the position of deputy chairperson. Louis Diremelo and Keneetswe Mosenogi will contest for the provincial secretary, while Sello Lehari and Lena Miga will contest for the provincial treasurer.

Meanwhile, a group of aggrieved members who were granted an interdict by the North West high court on Friday against the ANC Interim Provincial Committee members voting at the provincial conference, have confirmed that they are still going ahead on Sunday with their intension to interdict the conference which is currently under way.

They argue that the conference is illegitimate.

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Respect of women

Meanwhile, ANC’s deputy president David Mabuza, while addressing the party’s provincial conference at the Rustenburg Civic Centre on Saturday, has called for the respect of women.

The start of the conference followed a court interdict barring the Interim Provincial Committee from voting at the conference.

Mabuza called for party unity, saying the ANC in North West faces an existential threat due to internal squabbles. He added that while much has been achieved, in the advancement of women’s rights, a lot still has to be done.

“We still have so much more to do, to ensure women’s freedom, and dignity. In our country, our women are not safe, our women demand safety, our struggle for socio-economic freedom, is intertwined with the struggle for women’s freedom to choose for a safe life for themselves, whether in private, or on public spaces, women should feel free.”