ANC Northern Cape Chairperson urges leadership to take risks

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Northern Cape’s African National Congress (ANC) Chairperson Dr Zamani Saul is urging all leaders of the party in the province to change their mind sets and dare to take risks. Dr Saul was speaking during the opening session of the party’s two-day provincial Lekgotla, underway in Kimberley.

The Lekgotla aims to explore ways of boosting the provincial economy and fight the triple challenges of unemployment, poverty and inequality.

He says the current state of the province should not be used as a point of reference to measure the progress of the province as this may result in them settling for less. “Our primary focus for the next five years is to launch a coordinated attack on these three stubborn fault lines in the socio-economic landscape of our province which is high levels of unemployment, high levels of poverty and high levels of inequality. To make the slightest dent on these stubborn fault lines, we need a bold and courageous leadership. We need a leadership that is prepared to take risks and test new waters. We don’t need leadership with a status-co bias.”