ANC members in VBS saga shouldn’t avail themselves for Parly list: Cosatu

A branch of VBS
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African National Congress (ANC) members that have been implicated in the collapse of the VBS bank and State Capture should not avail themselves to be part of the party’s parliamentary list.

This is according to the governing party’s alliance partner Cosatu. The labour federation says it will be holding a march in Vhembe to push through that call.

One of the union’s leaders was killed and another attacked following their calls for the removal of Limpopo mayors who illegally invested municipal funds into the Bank.

“Those tainted in the VBS should not be in the ANC list and say we want to lead again when they have failed. Now, they must wait for their fate. We accept that some of them are not guilty until proven otherwise, but to be good governance, the best thing is to wait, clear your name and then say, ‘I am ready to be deployed because I have been cleared.’ But now, as they have been tainted, they should not stand,” says the General Secretary, Bheki Nthalinthali.


Meanwhile SAMWU in Limpopo says workers in the Vhembe district municipality will not return to work until the executive mayor meets their demands.

Workers have been on strike since last week demanding the removal of two full-time councilors who are implicated in the VBS saga. They also want three municipal officials to be removed from their positions because they have been illegally appointed.

SAMWU provincial chairperson, Victor Manyama says workers want an end to corruption in the municipality.

“We will continue fighting until we achieve what we want no retreat no surrender we will fight everybody who will stand on the road and say will defend corruption the new mayor she must meet our demands by force or by fire and we are not going to give up easily; they will rather kill all of us … this Jerusalem. It is hard to live, but we’re going back to work without our demands been meet. Sorry.”