The ANC Veterans League has called on ANC members who might be implicated in wrongdoing to voluntarily remove their names from the ANC list for parliamentary candidates after the May national elections.

Political parties have until the end of Wednesday to submit their candidates lists for the elections to the Electoral Commission.

The League’s President, Snuki Zikalala, says they don’t want a repeat of the 2016 defeat in major metros such as Tshwane.

“We should not put our head in the sand like we did during the 2016 elections when we put the candidate in Tshwane when people in Tshwane were saying that we don’t want this candidate and we lost Tshwane.”

Zikalala adds: “We couldn’t believe it, that we can lose Tshwane as the ANC, that’s the heart of government. All that we’re saying is that those who are alleged to be involved in criminal activities whether Constitutional judgment against them, they should voluntarily step down for the sake of the country and the ANC.”

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