Political analyst, Professor Lesiba Tefo, says he doesn’t see the African National Congress’ (ANC) Secretary-General Ace Magashule and other party members implicated in corruption voluntarily stepping aside.

The party’s National Executive Committee (NEC) has instructed those who are charged with serious crimes to step aside until their court cases are finalised.

Magashule is charged with fraud, corruption and money laundering related to a multi-billion rand tender to remove asbestos roofing in the Free State when he was premier of the province.

Magashule has said he first wants to consult former senior party leaders before stepping aside. He has also requested provinces to submit lists of members who are charged with serious crimes.

He recently met with former president Jacob Zuma and described the meeting as very meaningful.

Duarte says Magashule must step aside if he is asked to:

Tefo says it will be extremely difficult for the ANC to convince the affected members to adhere to the step-aside resolution.

“I don’t see them stepping down they can take a cue from the former head of state. They would rather be forced to step down, they would rather be suspended because there lies in the possibility of a greater sympathy than when they willingly step down. That’s precisely the strategy of the former head of state saying I would not go to court I would rather be convicted and go to jail,” says Tefo.

Discussion on Magashule’s visit to Zuma and other ANC issues with Prof Barry Hanyane: