Analysts say the upcoming cabinet meeting will be informed by the recent the African National Congress NEC Lekgotla which took place two weeks ago.

For the first time in nine years, the Cabinet will not be chaired by the governing party’s head.

President Jacob Zuma is now head of government and his deputy, Cyril Ramaphosa, is heading the organisation.

Ramaphosa has stressed the need for a careful management of transition as the party steers in a new direction.

In just over a week,  Zuma will deliver the State of the Nation Address.

The speech sets out the priorities of the country and President Zuma will be carrying the mandate of his party.

The speech is informed by the ANC’s NEC Lekgotla and cabinet Lekgotla.

This time around, the head of the party is not the same as government.

With the governing party having emerged from its elective conference, new policy positions were adopted. Among them land redistribution and radical socio-economic transformation.

The Cabinet Lekgotla is also attended provincial and local government representatives.