The newly-established ANC Interim Provincial Committee (IPC) in North West has committed itself to ensure that it deals with factionalism within its ranks.

The IPC held its inaugural meeting in Rustenburg on Sunday to elect the Provincial Working Committee and sub-committees.

The interim committee is led by Hlomane Chauke as a coordinator and Speaker of the North West Legislature, Susan Dantjie. It comprises of former Education MEC’s Johannes Tselapedi, Zakes Tolo and Supra Mahumapelo.

Chauke says unity of the movement is sacrosanct. “We’re dealing with individuals generally, because it’s not the ANC that is factional its individuals. So, we’ll have to make sure that we work with those individuals, to realise the bigger picture of what the ANC stands for, and what does it represent. So, I think we’ll be able to achieve that, because the commitment that I see of the leaders here will be exemplary as we go down to the ground,” adds Chauke.

Convener of the NEC deployees in the province, Obed Bapela, says uniting the ANC, improving service delivery, creating jobs and stabilising municipalities are the main priorities of the newly-established Interim Provincial Committee.

“Without ANC being united, society gets divided. And then, indeed people get divided into our own factions. So, that is the main goal that we would like to achieve. Secondly, it’s to respond to the people’s needs, the issues; we grow the economy so that jobs can be created. I think during election campaigns, people were saying where are the jobs? We need then, to respond quicker and faster. The third issue is service delivery that we need to fast track service delivery,” explains Bapela.