ANC IPC apologies to Mokgoro for how communication was handled around his removal as North West premier

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The ANC Interim Provincial Committee (IPC) in the North West has apologised to Premier Job Mokgoro for what they call the discomfort and inconvenience that may have been caused to him about the communication on the decision to remove him as premier.

Mokgoro has raised concerns about his removal being communicated to him through the media and telephonically.

He mentioned his dissatisfaction during a meeting with ANC Deputy Secretary-General Jessie Duarte.

Opposition parties worried about the removal of Premier Job Mokgoro:

On Tuesday, the ANC’s Interim Provincial Committee announced the appointment of premier-elect Bushy Maape.

Spokesperson for the ANC IPC Kenny Morolong says they also accept the decision by Mokgoro to resign soon.

“We had a discussion with comrade Job Mokgoro, with respect to the decision of the ANC to redeploy him as the premier of the North West province.

In our discussion with comrade Job, he expressed his dissatisfaction with the manner in which the decision for him to be redeployed was communicated to him.

The organisation has since apologised to him profusely. We also accept his decision to accept the decision of the organisation to redeploy him.”