The ANC in Tshwane is laying charges of fraud against Mayor Solly Msimanga’s chief of staff, Marietha Aucamp, after she allegedly lied when applying for her current job, saying she had a B-Tech degree, which she allegedly doesn’t have.

She is allegedly earning a salary of R1.2 million per year. The ANC leader in the council, Mapiti Matsena, says Executive Mayor Msimanga was also part of the interviewing panel, and gave her the highest marks, while he was allegedly not allowed to participate.

The City is currently investigating the matter and Msimanga said he will resign if it is found that he flouted the rules. Tshwane ANC spokesperson, Lesego Makbubela says Msimanga broke the rules.

“The position she was given which she is not qualified for, which they had to break the law for, puts her directly in the office of the mayor so that she babysit’s the puppet. Ensure that the puppet is on the string and toes the party line and that is why we always said, Solly is not the mayor of Tshwane, Marietha is the mayor of Tshwane.”