The African National Congress (ANC) in KwaZulu-Natal has requested a meeting with President Cyril Ramaphosa to raise its concern about police conduct. The party in the province complains about what it calls the unscrupulous and inappropriate manner in which some police investigators have behaved during the arrests of certain politicians.

In March, Deputy Speaker in the Provincial Legislature, Mluleki Ndobe was arrested but charges against him were later withdrawn after he spent a week in police cells.

Party Provincial Secretary, Mdumiseni Ntuli says they are concerned that the arrests are made without thorough investigation. He says it might create a perception that these arrests are politically motivated.

“If we were to discover along the way that these arrests are politically motivated, that will be helpful because then it will explain to us who must bare the consequence of being a political motivator. That is why part of the decision of the PEC is that we are going to request an urgent meeting with the President. Because we want to put before him our deep-seated concerns that some of these arrests – celebrated as they should be because they are sending a signal that we are intolerant of the wrong doing – but the manner in which they are being done creates a perception of political manipulation and conspiracy, to put before them our concern about the behaviour of some of the investigators and police … this Hollywood style that when people are arrested it must appear as though we are intending to embarrass than to deal with the content of the problem.”