The ANC has resolved to hand over 13% of land to traditional leaders to benefit the rural community. This was announced by subcommittee Chair on Legislature and Governance Obed Bopela, at the party’s 54th National Conference in Nasrec in Johannesburg on Wednesday.

Bopela says this land will be transferred as a 13 percent land parcel, and the necessary skills will be passed on to ensure it is used.  He says this must be subject to various conditions, like  security of tenure and use of land, etc.

Obed Bapela and Parks Tau also spoke of the need for continuity in public representation and a proposal for an electoral commission.

One proposal was that all government services be offered similar levels, as well as focus on planning, implementation and performance.

The other was the need for the introduction of a Speaker of Parliament and why it would be important for general and overall coordination at all levels of the legislature, explained Bapela.

Another key resolution is that the demarcations must be done in a 10-year cycle, following the national census, and not every five years, in order to create a sense of objectivity.

Other resolutions from the subcommittee note that it is crucial for the ANC to modernise and to approach seriously issues of integrity and capacity.

For more on the Legislature and Governance Policy, see document below:

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