The African National Congress (ANC) in the Free State says it is concerned by the defacing of its election posters in Metsimaholo and Kopanong municipality.

ANC Free State Head of Elections, William Bulwane, says the burning and destruction of party posters will not derail them in their quest to reclaim all the municipalities in the province.

Bulwane says they have reported the matter to relevant authorities.

“We appeal to our communities not to assist to loose to opposition parties to turn our province into a violent province. We have already used law enforcement institutions and the IEC to report these barbaric acts. Demonstration of burning and removal of ANC posters is a sign of defeated minds and people who are not keen to promote our hard-earned democracy and decisions of our people.”
File photo: Defaced political posters:


The Electoral Commission of South Africa says that this flies in the face of a democratic electoral system.

Election posters are one of the means used by political parties to send their messages to South Africans to convince them to vote for them.

Ripping off the posters of parties constitutes a crime. The IEC says if prosecuted, a person can serve five to ten years in jail.

If a party is involved in defacing the posters of opponents, it constitutes breaking the Electoral Code and such a party can be prosecuted through the Electoral Court.