ANC disregarded own gender policy in its nomination: Analyst

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Political analyst, Sethulego Matebesi, says the African National Congress (ANC) has lost an opportunity to prove its commitment to gender equality.

Earlier this week, the ANC National Executive Committee (NEC) announced the nominated premier candidates in the seven provinces in which the party governs.

Only two of them are women, although the ANC said it used gender parity as a criterion for the nominations.

The NEC is yet to nominate a premier candidate for the North West province.

The Gender Commission says it had anticipated that a 50/50 representation would be reached where the party governs.

Matebesi says the ANC has disregarded its own gender policy in its nomination of premier candidates.

“If you count out of nine provinces and you can’t even select four women, then I really don’t understand how the ANC operates because I thought now is an opportunity to at least have more women premiers,” says Matebesi.

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