ANC delegates in singing stand-off

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Two groups competed to air their feelings in song about ANC president Jacob Zuma at the party’s policy conference in Midrand. One large group in support of the president sang: “uZuma, second transition” and “Bao ba sa batleng Zuma Ba
chechele morao” Those who don’t want Zuma should hold back.

In response, a smaller group sang: “Bayozabalaza” They will protest and chanted “Change, change.” The pro-Zuma group sang loudly while dancing through the hall where ANC deputy president Kgalema Motlanthe was visiting Progressive Business Forum stalls during lunch time. They distracted media who were following Motlanthe around. One dancing delegate from Mpumalanga chanted: “Zuma forever. We all want Zuma, the whole of South Africa.”

The group made their way outside where they were joined by others. The good-natured stand-off went on for about 20 minutes. A document on the second transition is one of the ANC’s 13 policy documents under discussion at the four-day conference. It has become shorthand for Zuma’s reported bid for a second term as president. According to reports today, the second transition proposal was rejected by most provinces. During Motlanthe’s walkabout, he signed the guest books of several businesses before posing for pictures with staff. He was also given a frame containing several gold-plated ANC centenary coins.

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