ANC delegates barge into accreditation centre in Ormonde

ANC delegates
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Delegates attending the African National Congress’s 55th ANC Conference have forced their way into the UNISA conference centre in Ormonde south of Johannesburg where accreditation is being done.

Hundreds of delegates have been waiting since early this morning to get accreditation for the conference. Some delegates say they arrived on Thursday but left empty-handed.

ANC NEC member Pemmy Majodina is among the delegates at the UNISA conference centre. She says this means the conference which was scheduled to start at 10am may be delayed.

“There was a mix-up in terms of their photos, that is why now the registration centre has opened to allow members to register again. We want to apologise for all the mishaps as the NEC. But the system also collapsed because this is the biggest conference ever in the history of the ANC. There will be slight delays, we cannot start when you have voting delegates who are supposed to be accredited that are still outside they are waiting for their accreditation.”

Mabe refuses to answer questions on controversial members

ANC national spokesperson Pule Mabe has refused to answer questions on the party’s views regarding several controversial matters that involve some of its senior members.

Mabe has updated members of the media on the status of the five-day 55th national elective conference currently underway at Nasrec in Johannesburg.

Journalists were seeking answers on former President Jacob Zuma’s bid for a private prosecution against president Cyril Ramaphosa, among other topical issues.

“What is your opinion on the expulsion of Carl Niehuis? What constitutes an expellable offence and are the actions of former President Zuma in asking for a private prosecution of President Cyril Ramaphosa and expellable offence?” asked journalists.

“Okay, now I’m sure you have a file with you, wave it, just wave it, I want to see it to make sure you have the right file, this briefing is about this file, can we move,” answered Mabe.

Warning against buying votes

The ANC leadership has sent a stern warning to delegates against engaging in acts of vote buying, or unethical attempts to influence the outcomes of the party’s conference.

Mabe says, “Very important for our delegates: acts of vote buying or any attempts to influence the deliberations of the conference through unethical means, behaviour that threatens to divide the ANC. So, we are not going to tolerate any of these that fall under the Don’ts. Should we be made aware of anyone doing these that are not allowed inside the conference, we will be able to act decisively.”

Mabe addresses the media at the 55th ANC National Conference: