ANC confident of unseating DA in Western Cape: Mashatile

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African National Congress (ANC) deputy president Paul Mashatile says he’s confident his party will unseat the Democratic Alliance (DA) in the Western Cape in the upcoming elections.

Mashatile and other ANC leaders are campaigning in the province this weekend. They kick off their electioneering in Khayelitsha in Cape Town.

The DA has been governing the province since 2009, but Mashatile says he’s campaigning to win.

“We always campaign to win, huge challenges here, no synergy between national gov and province. Saying to people to vote ANC, we will address challenges. I think they are getting that message. Yesterday I was with the Muslim community to stand for justice, including support for Gaza. They say with you all the way. in this province, we are looking for a situation where we will come tops as the ANC…We are going head-on against the DA.”

Mashatile adds that during door-to-door visits, unemployment was the most prominent issue that was raised. “Fortunately it’s on top of our manifesto. its first thing when you open it, let’s implement our jobs plan and, everywhere we go people say we want to work. People are grateful for grants they receive but they say they want work, they want jobs.”

Mashatile was also the keynote speaker at an education summit, where he praised teachers for their work.  “Please know we value you, the nation sees you, we must make sure you are protected, safe, we can’t have situations where teachers get killed by learners, security cluster must ensure safe schools.”