African National Congress (ANC) spokesperson Pule Mabe says the party is concerned about the leaking of information about financial transactions in relation to the CR17 campaign account.

Controversy has surrounded the campaign’s funds, with two Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) MPs confessing to receiving money from the CR17 account. The EFF MPs have since resigned from Parliament and the party’s leadership.

They claim that President Cyril Ramaphosa gave them the money to assist with personal matters. Mabe says he believes the President gave money to the former MPs because they needed help.

“I wouldn’t want to get into an area of merits, demerits and all of that. The fact is that how sensitive information like that gets out to the public, we should all be worried. We are Africans. Out in our communities we socialise with people who do not necessarily share the same ideological stance with us. So we should not allow some of the things that are playing themselves out in the public to remove us from the very Africanist outlook that has come to define us.”

Meanwhile, political analyst Lesiba Tefo says the two EFF members lack credibility.

“Even the explanation they give to date is not convincing and it’s a pity it resulted in them being casualties. There are lessons to learn there because they are not the only ones implicated in matters of this nature and not necessarily in politics but even in the public sector.”