ANC is committed to SA’s growth and development plans: Mashatile

ANC Deputy President Paul Mashatile
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The African National Congress (ANC) Deputy President Paul Mashatile says the party is committed to the implementation of its plans for the country’s growth and development.

He was campaigning in Umlazi in the south of Durban ahead of next month’s general elections.

At least 33 parties have registered to contest the upcoming elections in the province.

Mashatile has this to say on the ANC’s track record.

He says, “As the ANC we believe that we have done a lot in the last 30 years. Building millions of houses, giving millions of people grants, creating employment, but there have been challenges that’s why if you read our manifesto we say we want to do much more than what we have done. Yes, we have done a lot but we want to do more because we want to reach out to many more people. We want to ensure that we end load shedding.”

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