ANC calls on officials to refrain from using public platforms to criticise the party

Tito Mboweni
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The African National Congress (ANC) has called on its senior members to refrain from using public platforms to criticise or contradict resolutions taken by the party.

This after Finance Minister Tito Mboweni took to twitter to criticise the ANC’s plan to nationalise the Reserve Bank.

Speaking on the country’s economy, the former Reserve Bank governor said his party was wrong.

ANC spokesperson Pule Mabe says such conduct feeds into the narrative of policy uncertainty.

He says any criticism should be dealt with in the party structures.

“It is our view that comrade Tito should act with care and be cautious at all times on matters of policy given his position as Minister of Finance. Those who serve in the leadership structures of our movement are expected at all times to uphold and defend resolutions of the ANC on public platforms.”

“On the Reserve Bank, the NEC has already reaffirmed a conference resolution to return the sovereignty of this important national institution to the people of South Africa as a whole.”

“Presenting the January 8 statement President Cyril Ramaphosa reaffirmed the organisations on the role, mandate and independence of the Reserve Bank and that it will undertake the process towards full public ownership of the bank in a manner and according to a timeframe that is prudent and affordable and that does not benefit private shareholder speculators.”


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