The African National Congress (ANC) has called on government to make illegal, any claims that apartheid was not a crime against humanity.

The ANC has condemned a statement issued by the foundation of former deputy president FW De Klerk, as a clear and deliberate attempt to incite racial hatred in the country.

In the statement the De Klerk Foundation claims that the United Nation’s (UN) classification of apartheid as a crime against humanity formed part of an agenda by the Soviet union and the ANC along with its allies to stigmatise white South Africans.


Read the statement below:

De Klerk made similar remarks last week on TV. ANC spokesperson Pule Mabe:

“The constitution is clear that freedom of speech does not extend to what constitutes hate speech and incitement to cause harm. The ANC urges the government it leads to tighten provisions around hate speech and declare the denial of apartheid as a crime against humaity as a crime. In the interest of advancing reconciliation and nation building the ANC calls on the F W de Klerk foundation to unconditionally retract its irresponsible statement and start showing commitment to build the South Africa we all want.”

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