ANC calls on City of Cape Town to release land for social housing

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The African National Congress in the Western Cape has called on the provincial government and the City of Cape Town to release more land for social housing in the Cape Metropole.

The ANC, South African Communist Party and Congress of South African Trade Unions alliance met to look at ways of addressing some of the social issues including housing, public transport and health. Chairperson of the ANC’s Provincial Interim Co-ordinating Committee, Lerumo Kalako, says there’s a housing crisis in the province.

“It’s actually released for private developers it has always been a struggle and fight between the people of the province especially of Cape Town here fighting the City, fighting the province against them releasing the land for private development. There’s a great need for houses, especially social housing.”

Western Cape Human Settlements Minister, Tertuis Simmers, says government is working on getting more land for social housing.

“We do welcome the call on national to give various pockets of land across our province for human settlements development but more so mixed human settlements, development where we can create sustainable and integrated human settlements so we can totally eradicate the past where this country came from. One aspect of these developments will contain social housing.”