Amend Intelligence Oversight Act to strengthen Intelligence's independence: Phillip Jele

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Inspector-General of Intelligence nominee Phillip Jele says the Intelligence Oversight Act should be amended to strengthen the independence of the Office of the Inspector-General. He says the Office and the Inspector-General cannot depend on the budget of the State Security Agency to do its work, as it is playing a watchdog role over the SSA and other security agencies.
Jele was the sixth of the 10 candidates to be interviewed for the position.
The term of the current Inspector-General of Intelligence Setlhomamaru is coming to an end on 31 March.
“In order for the Office of the Inspector General to execute its mandate, it cannot depend on the State Security Agency, for its technological needs and all the other HR and administrative support, that comes to the office of the Inspector General of Intelligence as a spending centre within the State Security Agency. Because if the Act says the Inspector General should function independently how can he or she function when his budget is being held by the same agency that he or she oversees,” says Jele.
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Earlier, Inspector-General of Intelligence nominee the Reverend Frank Chikane, during his interview, said corruption had started before former President Jacob Zuma’s administration. Chikane says he raised his concerns in a letter to the late former President Nelson Mandela.  
Chikane was questioned by  EFF Member of the Committee  Mbuyiseni Ndlozi who told him that the politicisation of the Intelligence Services dates back to before 2007. 
Ndlozi told Chikane that the Intelligence even failed to detect the xenophobic violence that broke out in South Africa in 2008.  
In response, Chikane said, “I’m sure many people would have heard me. I’ve said corruption started before Zuma. I’ve said so. Former President Zuma. I’m the person who wrote a letter to Madiba two years after I went in there and said the old is corrupting the new as an insurance for them not to be charged. That letter is there with Mandela. I’ve not said that failures are related to a particular person. I’m saying failures are related to people who have no respect for the constitution and the law. And once they don’t respect the law, they do whatever they want to do and we need to stop that.”