Association of Mine workers and Construction Union (Amcu) President Joseph Mathunjwa says the union will be in Marikana on the 16th of August to hold a commemorative event following the 2012 tragedy in which a total of 44 people were killed.

Mathunjwa was briefing the media on the ongoing wage negotiations in the platinum belt. The briefing took place in Sandton, north of Johannesburg.

He said that the offer by Sibanye is an insult to workers and provocation for a strike.

Mathunjwa says Sibanye offered a R300 increment for the first year, followed by R400 in the second and R350 in the third year.

In June, Amcu tabled a demand for R1500 over the next three years.

Mathunjwa says engagements over the threatened de-registration of the Union by the Labour Department are also still underway.

“Then the next is Marikana, on Friday, we’ll be at the Koppie, that’s August 16, 2019. Marikana is not just an incident; it was a wake-up call to say that ‘South Africa’ we are not free.’ So, we’ll be there at the Koppie. The registration process, we are engaging with the Department of Labour and we are in a very progressive trajectory of which we believe we’ll find each other very soon.”