AmaZulu King’s praise singer Phakathikwempi Buthelezi succumbs to coronavirus

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The praise singer of AmaZulu King Goodwill Zwelithini, Phakathikwempi Buthelezi, has died from  COVID-19-related complications.

His death follows that of the AmaZulu king’s oldest child, Prince Lethukhuthula, who passed away late last year.

The 71-year-old Buthelezi was also the praise singer for the Inkatha Freedom Party leader Mangosuthu Buthelezi. His family confirmed that he succumbed to COVID-19.

Acting Buthelezi Traditional Authority Clan leader, Inkosi Mpikayise Buthelezi, has described him as a historian.

“He was helpful to every South African because he understood all the rituals that we do as Africans. He also understood rituals that are done by the family after the departure of their loved one. Some people are not even aware that he succumbed to COVID-19. It’s disturbing that after him more people are dying of this virus.”

This comes as the number of coronavirus cases continues to increase in South Africa.

The Department of Health yesterday reported 13 105 new coronavirus cases and 755 COVID-19-related deaths in the past 24-hours.

South Africa has recorded 1 259 748 infections since the start of the pandemic and over 34 334 fatalities.

The latest stats in South Africa: