AmaZulu King seeking medical advise in eSwatini would be justifiable: Cultural expert

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Cultural experts say the history of the AmaZulu Royal family around the deaths of some family members, can justify King MisuZulu ka Zwelithini’s decision to seek medical advise in eSwatini.

This comes after the AmaZulu traditional prime minister, Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi, released a statement alleging that theking was receiving treatment in a hospital in eSwatini.

Buthelezi claimed that the recent, sudden passing of the Zulu monarch’s senior Induna, Xaba, prompted suspicions that Xaba had been poisoned.

It further states that when the AmaZulu King too began to feel unwell, he feared it could be for the same reasons.

However, this version of events has been disputed by Head of Communications for the King, Prince Africa Zulu.

He told SABC News that the king was undergoing routine check ups while visiting family in eSwatini.

Cultural expert Professor Sihawu Ngubane has defended the decision of the king to seek medical health in eSwatini.

“eSwatini is the place where the king grew up, and his uncle, King Mswati, always makes sure that he receives the best treatment considering the fact that Ndlovukazi (the queen) also passed on in South Africa through similar incidents. The king has to be cautious that if he remains in South Africa, anything can happen. So, that’s why he would seek medical attention in eSwatini.”

Ngubane says it is not out of the ordinary for the royal succession debate to involve these kinds of allegations.

“I think this is normal, under normal circumstances, if there is a succession dispute, anything is possible. People would kill one another, people would be bewitching one another because of the fight and dispute and the conflict that arises on the succession. This is going to be something that is not new, because even in the history, there have been incidences of this nature.”

AmaZulu King Misuzulu kaZwelithini is in good health, this is all orchestrated: Prince Africa Zulu: