AmaZulu King MisuZulu calls for an end to violence against women, children

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AmaZulu King MisuZulu KaZwelithini has strongly condemned the killing of women and children. He was speaking during the memorial lecture of the late King Cetshwayo and Isandlwana battle.

At least three children have been killed in different incidents over the last few days in the province.

The AmaZulu monarch has called for an end to violence against women and children.

“Killing children and women is troubling me. I saw on the news the incident of KwaDukuza where a child was killed and his body dismembered this is something disgusting and foreign to us as the Zulu nation. It hurts me that these incidents are increasing, where a child or a woman is kidnapped and their body will be found with some parts missing, I am appealing to you my nation, this thing of the killing of women and children should come to an end.”

Meanwhile, the mayor of King Cetshwayo district municipality, says the AmaZulu nation has a responsibility to protect and productively use the land under the Ingonyama Trust.

Mayor Thami Ntuli says, “The commemoration of the battle of Isandlwana is not just another opportunity to hold an event. It is rather a reservoir of strength to the Zulu nation, as the nation we still have the land question which requires much wisdom and bravery if we are to fight over such a challenge.”

‘All people must rally behind king’

AmaZulu Traditional Prime Minister Prince Mangosuthu Buthelezi says it is high time that all people accept that amaZulu King MisuZulu kaZwelithini is on the throne and that all people must rally behind him.

He says he yearns for a time when the members of the Zulu royals will heal from the wounds opened by the passing of King Goodwill Zwelithini.

“Indeed, we have reason to rejoice that our King is on the throne, as I speak yet our happiness is not complete, however, since the King has ascended to the throne it has not been without pain in the royal family. Even now, there is a case in the high court disputing the Kingship of our King’s position. A wound has been opened in the royal family over the succession since the passing of his majesty King Zwelithini we therefore long to see that wound fully healed.”