Residents at Mngqesha Village, in the Eastern Cape, have welcomed the decision to reinstate the kingship of the amaRharhabe nation. The kingship was revoked in 2008 by the Nhlapo commission looking into the legitimacy of traditional kingship.

President Cyril Ramaphosa officially recognized Jonguxolo Sandile as the King of Amarharhabe nation.

The decision was gazetted on the 3rd of September.

It was not an easy road for the Rharhabe nation to obtain recognition as the process consisted of legal disputes. However, residents under the nation are elated and hope that this will accelerate service delivery to the community.

“We were disappointed when the kingship was taken away. We even thought of relocating somewhere else, but these are good news for us,” says a community member.

“We are happy that the Kingship has been reinstated it will be very much helpful to us as residents,” says another member of AmaRharhabe community.

Mngqesha Village residents welcome the decision to reinstate the kingship of the Rharhabe nation

Royal House demands apology for “insult”

Although the royal family welcomes the decision , they strongly feel that they deserve an apology from the commission.

Prince Burns Ncamashe speaks on behalf of the Rharhabe nation.

“Having been a kingship since Rharhabe only to be told by a Commission hundreds of years there after that you are not a kingship is really an insult and l hope that those who are still alive, because l understand that some of them have passed on in the Nhlapho Commission, to have the decency to apologize,” says Prince Burns Ncamashe

Plans are afoot to hold a celebration for this recognition, taking into account the COVID-19 protocols.