The AmaMpondomise nation is now plotting the way forward for the installation of their king, Zwelozuko Matiwane, after the Mthatha High Court confirmed AmaMpondomise as a kingship.

President Cyril Ramaphosa has also recognised the kingship. The matter was finally resolved by the court as two houses, Phahlo and Dosini, vied for the crown.

AmaMpondomise struggled for more than a 100 years to be acknowledged as a kingdom. Its kingship was withdrawn in 1904 after the killing of magistrate Hamilton Hope in 1880.

The nation also continued its drive to become a kingdom after 1994.

The Nhlapo and Tolo Commissions also found that AmaMpondomise had no claim to a kingship. However, the Mthatha High Court has settled the matter.

Phahlo Royal Family Spokesperson, Nkosi Phakamisa Tyali, says they are already working towards the future.

“We are very happy that finally after 116  years , our kingship has been restored and we are working as the royal family. We have got the meeting where we will be charting the way forward in what we will be doing in uniting the nation to rally behind the kingship of Kumkani Zwelozuko Matiwane,” says Nkosi Tyali.

Chief Vulindlela Mditshwa says it’s a dream come true for the nation and will contribute to a better future for the nation.

“We are taking it as our responsibility and our role first to support the royal family and also making sure that AmaMpondomise are united in building and also focusing on the reconstruction and development of this nation in terms of culture and also in terms of physical development that was on ice for so many years,” says Chief Mditshwa.

Meanwhile, the Congress of Traditional Leaders in South Africa (Contralesa) applauds the restoration of the AmaMpondomise kingship.

Contralesa Provincial Secretary, Nkosi Mkhanyiseli Dudumayo, believes the nation will use the limited budget afforded to it, to develop its people.

“It will assist them to fast-track the service delivery through the budget that is allocated for the kingdoms, though the budget is not yet enough for the entire kingdoms in our province but let’s appreciate the move by the state because it will assist that people are benefitting,” says Nkosi Dudumayo.

The next step will be the coronation of King Zwelozuko Matiwane. A date is yet to be decided on.

AmaMpondomise prepare for the installation of Zwelozuko Matiwane as king: