A meeting between the heads of the AmaDlomo clan has resolved to rally behind the AbaThembu King Buyelekhaya Dalindyebo.

The meeting was held on Wednesday at the King’s eNkululekweni residence in Mthatha in the Eastern Cape.

The aim was to iron out the differences among the AbaThembu nation and to seek a way forward for the kingdom.

This was the first meeting with King Dalindyebo ever since his release from prison in 2019.

Infographic: Crimes King Dalindyebo committed

The acting spokesperson for the King, Nkosi Zanodumo Papu says the AmaDlomo heads also agreed to solve any matters concerning the nation and the kingdom internally rather than in the public domain.

“The reason for today’s [Wednesday] meeting was for his majesty, King Buyelekhaya Zwelibanzi Dalindyebo to interact with the heads of AmaDlomo houses and also to delegate some duties that the premier did not fulfill as agreed in December before the King was released.”

“Some of those things left them with the AmaDlomo heads to do the follow up with the premier, so that the King does not seem like he’s the one bringing up fights. The only thing that he wants is what was agreed on to be followed. So everything went above board,”adds Papu.

AbaThembu king Buyelekhaya Dalindyebo arrested

In March this year, Dalindyebo was arrested at the Bumbane Great Place in Mthatha after he allegedly went on a rampage, attacking family members with pangas, bush knives and axes.

His son Azenathi was allegedly among those assaulted.

The acting king was central to conflict within the royal family, after the king’s incarceration in 2015.

He was appointed to this role after winning a court battle against his uncle Prince Mthandeni Mankunku Dalindyebo, over the abaThembu kingship.

The pair subsequently made peace in 2018.

Dalindyebo has accused government of fueling divisions between himself and his son Prince Azenathi.

In the video below, spectators watch as a police van hauls away King Dalindyebo, outside the Bumbane Great Place: