Alleged Mpumalanga serial killer Julius Mndawe to know his fate on Friday

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Judgment in the trial of alleged Masoyi serial killer in Mpumalanga, Julius Mndawe, is expected to be handed down on Friday at the High Court in Mbombela.

Mndawe’s family says he should apologise to the families of the five young women he has admitted to killing.

Earlier this week, Mndawe pleaded guilty to all the charges of murder against him.

He was accused of killing and burying the five women in his yard between 2018 and 2019.

His father, Frank Mndawe, says the family is still in shock.

“We were shocked when we heard about the alleged incident. We are still saddened by his actions. We had hoped as a family that we would also receive counselling. We do not know anything about what he did because he lived in his own house, not with us. They burned down his house and we accept that because what he did was wrong.”

In his plea statement, Mndawe says all the victims died after he punched them following altercations with each of them on five different occasions.

The state accepted his plea statement, however, dismissed the part where he claims the murder was not premeditated.

The documentary by Leihlo La Sechaba titled Mpumalanga Monster from September 2019 takes an in-depth look into Mndawe’s life: