Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) Chief Whip Floyd Shivambu says placing all land under the custodianship of the State is not tantamount to confiscation. Shivambu says the State should own all land if it wants to equally and successfully distribute it.

He was responding to the presentation from Parliament’s legal services. This follows the recent proposals made by different stakeholders at a constitutional dialogue with the Ad Hoc Committee tasked to amend Section 25 of the Constitution.

Shivambu told the committee that expropriation of bits and pieces of land from individuals will always be open to litigation and court battles.

“If we agree as Parliament that let us  have the legitimately elected and established State which has got rules that are very clearly defined, that is balanced by Parliament, that is balanced by the judiciary,-  become the custodian of all land in the same way as (being) the custodian of minerals. That’s the only way that we can release the land to all those who are going to utilise it. It’s not confiscation. It’s a legitimate process that is specifically for South Africans’ historical conditions where the entire land was confiscated from the black majority.” Below is more on land ownership in South Africa: