Alexandra residents in shock following several killings, including that of an Alex FM DJ

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Residents of Alexandra, north of Johannesburg, are reeling following the killing of Alex FM DJ Joshua Mbatha on Thursday.

According to the community radio station, Mbatha and two others were on their way home from work when they were robbed of their cellphones and shoes by a group of armed men who then fired shots.

Mbatha succumbed to a bullet wound to the chest.

Residents say 15 other people have been victims of gunshots and robberies by armed groups Thursday night alone in Alexandra.

Police are yet to respond to the SABC’s inquiry.

“Last night we heard several gunshots only to find out that people were robbed and shot. About 16 people were shot in Alex in one night. Six of them passed on including Alex FM DJ and music compiler Joshua Mbatha. He was robbed together with his colleagues coming from work to home at 7th Avenue and Selbourne Ave known as Rev Sam Buti Ave. They took their shoes and cellphones and other valuable goods from them,” says Alex Community Radio’s Tshepo Mosime.