Alexandra residents have vowed to oppose the rebuilding of structures which were demolished last Friday in the township, north of Johannesburg.

The mushrooming of illegal dwellings in Alexandra, sparked what has become known as the Total Shutdown Movement.

Alexandra Residents had welcomed the demolition, saying they had long called for such action to be taken as an answer to their call to stop queue jumping for housing.

When Johannesburg Mayor, Herman Mashaba, announced plans to rebuild the demolished structures, the Total Shutdown committee met to discuss their next move.

The media were barred from the meeting on Thursday as the Total Shutdown Movement Alexandra spokesperson, Bobby Solomons explains:

“I won’t disclose exactly what type of action we’re going to take but what I know is that the community has committed to taking action. The community is against the rebuilding of the informal settlement because they feel that it is unfair for people to jump the queue in terms of receiving housing and services as it will happen where they were demolished that they will be rebuilding the houses and they will be giving them services, electricity and water, as the mayor has committed,” says Solomons.

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