Alan Winde announces a strategic safety plan to reduce violence

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Western Cape Premier, Alan Winde says the provincial government’s new strategic safety plan will focus on the prevention and reduction of violence in crime-ridden communities in the province.

Winde earlier announced that they will be training, equipping and employing 3000 law enforcement officers over the next three years to fight crime in the province. The province will also train 150 new investigators during the same period to assist with investigations and prosecutions. Winde says the initiative will cost around R1 billion.

“We are putting the 300 officers in place and the 150 investigators in place, because we know that those are the two main areas from an enforcement point of view where there’s a huge lacking. We’ve been saying this for a long time. Now that we 4 500 police men and women too few in this province and we need those resources so we putting them in place.”