Al Sharpton describes Myeni’s killing as another sensational racialisation of an innocent unarmed black man

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Veteran US Civil rights leader Al Sharpton has called the killing of Lindani Myeni another sensational racialisation and criminalisation of an innocent unarmed black man at the hands of police.

In a statement seen by SABC News, he called for both the Honolulu Police Department and Hawaii prosecutors to be fully transparent in their pursuit of justice.

Sharpton’s statement says he was saddened to be once again contacted by a family and their attorneys seeking justice for the senseless killing at the hands of police – in reference to the police shooting of Myeni in Honolulu, Hawaii this past April.

His comments come just days after attorneys for the Myeni family released new video footage demonstrating Myeni’s calm demeanour when engaging the couple who called the police on him.

The footage also undermined the narrative that this was a burglary in progress when police responded with their weapons drawn.

Lawyers argue Myeni had mistaken the residential property for a temple next door.

Sharpton has called for authorities to be fully transparent and assertive in pursuing justice to ensure that Myeni’s killing is not yet another disregard of black lives.

He is urging the police to release all pertinent information so that the facts can be known to inform the family’s effort to seek appropriate justice.