Al Jama-ah

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The Al Jama-ah Political Party was established in 2007 by its Party Leader, Ganief Hendricks, that instead of finger pointing, Muslims could play a sincere and positive role, contributing to the transformation of post-Apartheid South Africa, for the benefit of all South Africans.

In April 2009, Al Jama-ah participated in the National Elections in all nine provinces, narrowly missing a Parliamentary seat. When 87% of the vote was counted the Party was allocated a seat but was later narrowly beaten by another Party.

Out of 45 parties Al Jama-ah was placed 9th. In the 2011 Municipal Elections, Al Jama-ah tested the waters in the City of Cape Town and City of Johannesburg, scoring a huge victory and won a seat each in these respective cities, duly represented by Party Leader, Cllr. Ganief Hendricks in Cape Town and Gauteng Province Chairman, Cllr. Abdul Razak Noorbhai in Johannesburg.

In March 2011, Al Jama-ah was ordered by the South Gauteng High Court, as the appropriate authority to convey views of its constituency on the Muslim Marriages Bill to the Minister of Justice and Constitutional Development. This was for the very ‘first time in the history of the High Court’, that ‘a Political Party’ had been so ordered.

In September 2011, Al Jama-ah laid a complain on Human Rights Day, with the Human Rights Commission of South Africa, against the Minister of Home Affairs for harming the dignity of Muslims married in accordance with Islamic rites, classifying Muslim women as ‘never married’ written on their death certificate.

Going into the 2014 general elections, Al Jama-ah says it wants to promote a better understanding of our community’s culture and practices in a multicultural and pluralistic society, “by not sacrificing our own value system, maintaining our identity, sharing not only our faith, but by how much and what else we have to offer in transforming and restoring balance.”

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