Political party Al Jama-ah has called for an Africa without borders and says this will put the continent forward as a formidable opponent against the West.

Party President, Ganief Hendricks addressed supporters and members in Kliptown, Soweto where he launched the party’s manifesto ahead of the November 1 Local Government Elections. Hendricks says a united Africa will be the breadbasket of the world.

The party, which was founded in 2007, has grown to include councillors in municipalities across Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal and the Western Cape. Al Jama-ah also has one seat in Parliament.

Hendricks says borders are a colonial concept.

“Al Jama-ah believes in the United States of Africa, there must be no borders. Yes, I know you’re worried about jobs being taken by the other African people, but think of your children. We want a borderless Africa. It’s the white colonialists that broke us into different countries. Africa was one country, one continent. If we have a United States of Africa, Africa will be the breadbasket of the world,” says Hendricks.

VIDEO: LGE 2021 – Al Jama-Ah launches its election manifesto

Hendricks has urged residents in Johannesburg to stand against the referendum to make the Western Cape a country of its own.

Hendricks has called the move treason.

“You are a traitor, it is treason. You can’t swear to the Constitution for one unified South Africa and then campaign that you want to break away. So, we are calling on the people of Johannesburg and I will make that call in Cape Town, please don’t allow the whites to break South Africa into three countries. KZN one country, Western Cape one country and the rest of us another country,” says Hendricks.