AKA was the main target: Mkhwanazi

The restaurant where AKA was shot.
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KwaZulu-Natal Police Commissioner, Lieutenant-General Nhlanhla Mkhwanazi, says investigations have confirmed that Kiernan ‘AKA’ Forbes was the main target. Forbes and Motsoane were killed in Durban in February last year.

Mkhwanazi and Police Minister Bheki Cele briefed the media in Durban last night, where they confirmed that six suspects had been arrested for the murders of  AKA and Tebello ‘Tibs’ Motsoane.

Police say they cannot rule out more arrests.

Mkhwanazi says, “From our investigation, it became clear that Mr Forbes was the main target, he’s the one that was followed from the airport, caught at the hotel and spotted inside the restaurant.”

“The plan was not to shoot him in the manner they did, they were going to shoot him in the vehicle,  but because he stood longer outside greeting his friend and those hitmen did not want to wait, that’s why they came for him. The second victim, it was by coincidence.”

Mkhwanazi says the strategy police used to root out the suspects, started with the first arrest in April last year.

He says, “The strategy that we employed was, after identifying the six we were looking for in parallel cases they were involved in and we were going to arrest them and keep them in custody, but we won’t charge them on the main case we are investigating, case 85 of February last year in Florida because we wanted to make sure we get almost all the suspects especially the organiser of the hit.”

VIDEO: SAPS briefs the media in Durban: