Ajay Gupta spotted in India

Ajay Gupta and Duduzane Zuma
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A day after Ajay Gupta was named the main suspect in the corruption case involving Duduzane Zuma, he was spotted in his hometown of Saharanpur.

Friends of the Guptas and locals in the town of Saharanpur have confirmed that Ajay Gupta was visiting his hometown a few days ago.

The SABC has been told on record that Ajay Gupta came to Saharanpur to attend a religious function hosted by a close relative. He also visited the Indian city of Dehradun, where he has a lavish bungalow and also travelled to the town of Garhmukteshwar.

He’s currently believed to be in New Delhi.

Locals in Saharanpur confirm that he flew in from the city of Dehradun on his private helicopter. We’re also told that Ajay Gupta has relayed information to his close friends and family members that the probe against him in South Africa has weakened.

He’s believed to have told locals in Saharanpur that the recent unfreezing of his assets in South Africa is proof that he’s innocent and has claimed vindication.

SABC can also confirm that he and his family continue to be stationed in Dubai for now.