Air Force holds winter camp in Newcastle

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The Air Force is promoting itself to youth as it held a winter camp in Newcastle in the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands. 400 pupils were briefed on careers in the Air Force.

Flying high, the pupils are taught discipline as it’s necessary for any aspiring pilot. The pupils are also getting first-hand experience of being in the Air Force. Pupils excelling in maths and science qualify. Called the young falcons, they are enrolled in the programme from Grade ten then monitored until matric.

From waking at dawn to rigorous drills and extra lessons, the camp is a daunting experience for some. Many picked up on valuable life skills along the way.

The camp is run countrywide and focused on opening up the aviation industry for black pupils. Air Force Spokesperson, Colonel Eugene Motati, says the camp exposes the youth to different careers in aviation and is aimed at breaking racial stereotypes in the industry.

The pupils are expected to graduate from the programme next week.