The African Independent Congress (AIC) says it is taking the African National Congress (ANC) to the Constitutional court over the Matatiele matter.

AIC President Mandla Galo says the ANC has failed to fulfill its end of the deal of re-incorporating the Eastern Cape town of Matatiele into KwaZulu-Natal whilst the party met its end of the bargain when it helped the ANC gain support and retain power in several metros and local municipalities by entering into coalitions with it.

Galo was speaking to SABC News after launching his party’s municipal elections manifesto in Noordgesig near Soweto.

“We are not happy; we want to teach the ANC a lesson that they will never forget. You must not lie to the people. When you are saying, I will do this…do it as you have promised. They failed on everything on our demands.”

Galo says if his party is voted into municipal councils after the November first elections it will fight corruption, nepotism, cadre deployment and ensure that only qualified people get jobs including those dealing with the delivery of basic services.

Galo says they aim to double the number of the seats they got in the 2016 municipal elections. The AIC is in a coalition government with the ANC in a number of municipalities. Galo says this time around they want to ensure that whatever coalition they enter into benefits the people the most.

“We need to have clear guidelines as to how are we going to work in this kind of a coalition. It must not be a coalition where for instance, because the ANC is in the majority then they will do whatever they want undermining smaller parties. We don’t want that kind of coalition. So we are going to ensure that the coalition we are entering into, will give fruits that are wanted by the people.”

AIC launches its manifesto in Soweto: