Agrizzi planned to destroy Bosasa for personal gain: Wakeford

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Former Armscor CEO Kevin Wakeford has told the Commission of Inquiry into State Capture, that Angelo Agrizzi planned to destroy Bosasa and take its business for his personal gain.

He was giving evidence before Commission Chairperson, Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo.

Wakeford was implicated by the former Bosasa COO that he received money on a monthly basis to help Bosasa resolve its issues with Sars.

Wakeford accused Agrizzi of being unreliable.

In his opening remarks, the businessman told the State Capture Commission that Agrizzi could not be trusted.

“He got his liquidation and 6 500 families out of work, and [Peet] Venter confirmed all of this in his affidavit chair. Agrizzi’s plan was premeditated, calculated and executed to instigate the liquidation of Bosasa so that he personally would be able to take over Bosasa’s contracts and no longer be bound by these retroactive trades. Indeed, Bosasa went into liquidation in February 2019.”

Forefront of BEB

Wakeford further says that Bosasa was at the forefront of growing Black Economic Businesses (BBE), but Agrizzi was against this.

“In the course of discussions, Agrizzi began ventilating his anger with the board of directors of Bosasa and then made the following joke, ‘the only two things I hate,’ this is his words, ‘one is a racist and one is a bloody K.’ I, immediately, confronted Agrizzi, objecting that he’s speaking of our brothers. You don’t talk about brothers like that.”

Bosasa-related evidence from Mr Kevin Wakeford: