AgriSA says farmers play their role in conserving environment

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AgriSA Executive Director, Christo van der Rheede, says the agricultural sector plays an important role in the recovery of the environment. He says that commercial farmers are increasingly using regenerative practices on farms to work in harmony with nature.

Some experts say the threat of greenhouse gasses can be addressed by planting trees and certain plants as well as managing the types of livestock that are farmed. Speaking to the SABC on World Environment Day, Van der Rheede says farmers are specifically focusing on the health and fertility levels of soil by reducing the use of harmful substances.

“In addition to that we also seek to minimise the release of carbon dioxide into the air. We are obviously very concerned about the impact of climate change, and it’s impact on agriculture and food security. That is why we have to adopt new practices to ensure that we minimise the destructive impact of climate change on food production”, says van der Rheede.

AgriEC condemns attacks

Meanwhile, the attacks on foreign nationals and South Africans and their displacement in Hankey in the Eastern Cape have been condemned by Agri Eastern Cape.

More than 400 people were displaced after clashes between Lesotho nationals and residents of Centerton in Hankey last week. The violence was triggered after two men were murdered – allegedly by foreign nationals.

Agri EC president, Peter Cloete, says perpetrators should be dealt with individually and groups of people must not be painted with the same brush. Cloete says the police actions in dealing with the violence and the closure of the Patensie road were inadequate and Agri EC is calling for an urgent meeting with police management.

More than 100 Lesotho nationals have left area and are heading home with the assistance of their government.


Minister of Forestry, Fisheries and Enviroment Babara Creecy on World Environment Day: