‘Agri-SA wont support amending Section 25’

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Agri-SA is standing firm on its decision that it will not support any amendment of Section 25 of the constitution to allow for land expropriation without compensation.

The farmers organization held a meeting with the ANC delegation around the issue of expropriation of land without compensation in Centurion on Friday.

A meeting that both delegations described as frank, robust and cordial.

Agri-SA President, Dan Kriek says: “The audience sitting in front of you does not agree that we should change the Bill of Rights and Article 25 and do expropriation of land without compensation. And this is what the debate will be about I’m taking up my rights like you and every other South African. I want to enhance and give those rights to people who have not had them, and who we will give it to and I will afford everybody the same rights.”

However, the ANC’s head of Elections Fikile Mbalula assured the farming organisation that expropriation of land without compensation will happen in an orderly manner.

“Agri-SA believes Section 25 as it currently stands does provide the state with the necessary legislative powers, to ensure that land reform takes place in an orderly way and accordily to prescribed processes.”

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