Agang SA’s Tlouamma ready to defend his actions

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Agang SA MP Andries Tlouamma says he is willing to defend his actions in the National Assembly through a disciplinary hearing .

Tlouamma and Economic freedom Fighters (EFF) MP Nazeer Paulsen’s conduct on Tuesday will be referred to the National Assembly Speaker.

This came after a scuffle broke out between the two after Tlouamma used foul language during exchanges between him and the EFF benches.

Tlouamma rose on the point of order to defend Democratic Alliance (DA) Chief Whip John Steenhuisen.

It came after Steenhuisen was blocked by the EFF for rising on a point of order and speak while he was not yet recognised by House Chairperson Thoko Didiza.

Tlouamma maintains that he did nothing wrong.

“I do welcome any process in Parliament. I will give my side [of the story] I was provoked. I was defending the Constitution. And I think for a member to stand and say white people must not speak in Parliament, for me, it is worse than whatever wrong one might assume I have done. It’s a matter of defending our democracy. No political party is above the law and all members are equal,” adds Tlouamma.