Agang SA urges Zimbabweans to hold entire Zanu-PF accountable

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Agang SA in parliament says the people of Zimbabwe have to hold the entire Zanu-PF accountable and not only President Robert Mugabe.

Agang parliamentary leader Andries Tlouamma says those who are now calling for Mugabe’s removal in Zanu-PF, formed part of those who generated Zimbabwe.

Tlouamma was reacting to the latest developments that Mugabe is facing impeachment after his refusal to step down as instructed by his party which recalled him.

“To me I would have liked if the citizens of Zimbabwe can take over this revolution and hold Zanu-PF and both Robert Mugabe accountable. Robert Mugabe could not have survived for 37 years if it was not for the likes of Mr Obert Mpofu, Mr Chinamasa, and the general who once claimed that he would never salute Morgan Tsvangarai. So Mugabe is still there because of these people. So we are expecting nothing out of nothing, because even if he is removed by Zanu-PF, we are still having a problem that these people did respect human rights themselves,” says Tlouamma.

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