Agang SA launches election campaign

Andries Tlouamma standing in parliament
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Agang SA has launched its election campaign at Praktiseer in the Sekhukune area of Limpopo. The governing African National Congress (ANC), the opposition Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) and Democratic Alliance (DA), all came under attack from Agang leader Andries Tlouamma.

He says that his party can help improve the lives of the people, if voted into power.

Tlouamma says the lives of people, especially in the rural areas, hasn’t changed since the ANC took power in 1994. He also accused the EFF of being a party of corrupt people and alleged that it was implicated in the VBS debacle.

He says that the DA could bring back inequality if given power.

Tlouamma says his party is not implicated in corrupt activities.

“Agang SA is not even implicated from all the scandals. We don’t have the scandals, we’re scandals-free. We’re not like the EFF whose surname now is VBS. The same thing applies to the ANC they’re just using this province for votes, but we’re very genuine we’re here and we’re offering ourselves as servants to help our people so that, come after 2019,we’re able to deliver to what they have requested us to help with.”

Regarding party funding, Tlouamma says there should be transparency to avoid leaders being captured.

“You look at the ANC now we have allegations of Bosasa funding a President. We’re recovering from the Gupta phenomena where the President was owned by the Guptas. So this political funding legislation will help us that we don’t have people in our government who are owned by business or some dangerous people. We want transparency.”

Tlouamma has also spoken about the scuffles that broke out in parliament between him and some EFF members.

“It’s everyone’s right, whether you’re member of Agang or a member of any political party, you must protect the constitution. What Julius Malema said in parliament was not just unparliamentarily, it was unconstitutional because when you say I will not allow a white person in parliament it’s extremely unconstitutional and it’s not only racism, it’s hatred at its extreme. I must defend the constitution.”

Tlouamma adds that it’s surprising that most people in the Sekhukhune area are living in poverty while there’s an abundance of mines in the area.