AG paints a bleak picture of financial management at government departments

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Auditor General, Tsakani Maluleke says 36 material irregularities in the financial management of national and provincial government departments resulted in the officials responsible for the losses undergoing disciplinary processes.

She says 15 fraud and criminal investigations have been instituted, while five supplier contracts have been stopped.

Maluleke reported that her office has identified 179 material irregularities in the national and provincial spheres of government.

She says most of the material irregular findings were caused by non-compliance and suspected fraud which resulted in financial losses of up to R12 billion.

“In a number of instances where the SIU has completed its investigation, they’ve come back with recommendations of who should be disciplined and that has happened, they’ve also come back with recommendations, they’ve also come back with recommendations on recovery of money and that has happened, so those gains are already underway. Whilst we haven’t yet secured a certificate of debt where the responsiveness is not what we would have it be, we have not hesitated to take the next steps which are recommendations, remedial action referral and then a certificate of debt if there is binding remedial action that is not observed.”