Afrikanerbond calls for review on hate speech and racism

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The Afrikanerbond has expressed concern over the way cases of hate speech and racism are handled in South Africa.

In an open letter written to President Cyril Ramaphosa, the organisation has called for a review of the activities of the Human Rights Commission, saying the way it currently addresses the issues is ineffective.

Afrikanerbond’s chief secretary, Jan Bosman explains “The Human Rights Commission doesn’t really have any acting powers. They cannot really intervene in matters of racism – they can only make recommendations. We think this needs to change. We have a constitutional body that’s supposed to be functioning, but is not functioning at the moment.

“In the Asmal Report in 2007, it was already recommended that we have a type of Super Human Rights Commission that can act and can really perform to promote and to protect human rights in this country.”

The organisation was established in 1918 as the Afrikaner Broederbond to look after the economic and cultural interests of Afrikaners in South Africa.