Afrikaans schools flouting admission processes

Department spokesperson Steve Mabona
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The Gauteng Department of Education says they have identified a number of Afrikaans medium schools who are flouting admission processes for grade 1 and 8 learners, for next year.

The Department says despite their online application system, some schools continue to allow walk-in applications, with application forms being only in Afrikaans.

On Monday morning, the online application system for grade 1 and 8 learners for 2020 officially went live.

Department spokesperson Steve Mabona is urging parents to report schools who don’t follow due processes.

“We know that Afrikaans single medium schools, they are giving people an Afrikaans form and telling people that you know that this is an Afrikaans medium school. No, it can’t happen that way. If an Afrikaans single medium school, numbers are detecting that they need to change to parallel medium because there’s a number of people that applied who want to come to that school it must happen that way. Parents are encouraged to report all the schools that are doing that and we will visit them.”

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